On discharge you will have a follow-up appointment booked with your Consultant.  

At your first outpatient appointment with your consultant  your wound will be checked and any clips removed and you’ll be advised to continue wearing your pressure socks to help prevent blood clots.

Meanwhile we are here to help, if you need us.  If you have any concerns regarding your recovery, or think you may be developing a problem, please contact the helpline who will be able to offer advice, arrange additional support or organise a review if required.

It’s particularly important that you contact us if you’re concerned about your wound.

Your dressing

The dressing on your wound has a bacterial barrier to help reduce the risk of infection and contains a waterproof seal that allows you to take a shower without changing your dressing. You will be given a supply of these on discharge.

Clips and stitches

If you have clips or stitches they will need to be removed about 14 days after your operation. The nursing staff will let you know the arrangements that have been made for this to be done

Post op contact

  • You will be contacted by telephone by one of our Fortius nurses at 48 hours and then again 17 days after your surgery to see how you are doing
  • You will also have a clinic appointment with your consultant  a specified number of weeks after your surgery. This is to ensure you’re progressing well and to answer any questions you may have.

Contact us if…

Seek urgent advice if you notice any excessive bleeding or any difficulty with breathing.

If your GP or district nurse prescribes antibiotics for a possible wound infection please contact the helpline. We may need to arrange an appointment with your surgeon.

If you have any concerns about infection please contact us as soon as possible.

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